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Dual-channel Slicer HKQPJ500-VIII
Dual-channel Slicer HKQPJ500-VIII

Dual-channel Slicer HKQPJ500-VIII

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Equipment features: fresh chicken breast horizontal cutting, accurate cutting thickness, cutting surface smooth. Double-channel operation, convenient and fast, easy to operate, cutting specifications can be adjusted;. Can realize multi-layer cutting, greatly improve the utilization of meat, and each layer of weight thickness can be controlled. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and food grade plastic. Select imported electrical components, the whole machine waterproof, can be charged washing.

Technical parameters:

Equipment type


conveyor belt width


conveyor belt speed


maximum product width


cutting thickness




cutting efficiency


shape size















What separates you from your peers:

1, unique pressure control system, accurate and reasonable combination of knives, perfect conveyor belt and knife speed ratio, so that the chicken breast after cutting to ensure integrity.

2. The weight of the finished meat slice after cutting can be controlled to ensure the original shape of the raw meat, and can increase the layout (with calendering function) according to the demand, the yield stability is extremely high, greatly saves the artificial.

3. The driving mode is the electric roller driving the belt to rotate, the whole machine has no chain and gear, the performance is more stable, the operation is more convenient, the maintenance is more simple, the belt is quick disassembly and quick assembly, the cleaning has no dead corner.

4, conveyor belt speed and knife speed are adjustable to meet the needs of different products with different speed ratio.

5, according to customer product needs, provide solutions, the product cutting effect to the customer to achieve the scene, and the whole set of operation process skills to teach users, do the best training and after-sales guidance.

Local accessories

Different from their peers


Drive mode, select the world's most advanced roller motor drive, imported from the United States, the whole machine without a chain gear, machine running smoothly, no noise, maintenance-free, extremely stable; this structure belt ring loading and unloading, more portable, quick Assembly and disassembly, the belt is more durable and will not run off, cleaning no dead angle


Imported rivet blade, stainless steel toughness is excellent, will not break, extremely sharp, cutting 50 ~ 80 tons of raw materials to replace once


IP56 waterproof grade 8 motor, running at full speed 790 times/min, can be washed with water, warranty for 1 year, burned out for a new machine


变频器 德国 Rexroth.png

Germany import frequency converter, conveyor speed and knife speed are adjustable, there is a self-protection system, when the current and voltage abnormal, the machine automatically stop and display fault code, to avoid burning electrical components and motors


Fine tool holder combination, laser marking lettering, precise and perfect combination, so that the blade in high-speed travel will not rub with the tool holder, more stable and durable





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